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What Type of Marquee Do You Need?

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If you are holding a special event—an outdoor event that features a more substantial number of guests—you will need to review the selection of marquees that are available for hire. Marquees are designed to support celebrations and activities for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Therefore, the marquee you choose depends on the type of event you are hosting. If  you are getting married, this site may help.

Making a Marquee Selection

When making a selection for a marquee, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The number of marquees you need
  • The size of marquee you need
  • Where the marquee(s) will go.

Individualising Your Marquee

If you opt for marquee hire in Buckinghamshire, you can also have the interior of the marquee individualised. Therefore, you can have fittings added that include items such as dance floors or heaters.

A Popular Marquee Style

One of the most popular marquee styles is a clear span white framed marquee. This marquee is free-standing and features no guy ropes. The canvas used for the marquee is replaced regularly. Therefore, this marquee can be used for your convenience during any season.

You should make sure that the company that offers marquees also provides tables, chairs, and lighting. Flooring should be featured as well. Therefore, when selecting a marquee, you need to review the following features and amenities.


Linings come in various looks. Therefore, you can choose from white flat linings with white walls and gables, or ivory pleated linings. You can also choose black starlit linings with black walls. Pelmet colours come in hues such as bottle green, red, black, ivory, and white.


The flooring for marquees can be set up by slotting together the floor. The flooring is designed to be used on all sorts of surfaces and can be used to connect marquees or as a pathway.


Carpeting can also be laid in a marquee in your preferred colour.


To create the atmosphere for the marquee, lighting is also included which adds a certain ambience. Bespoke light fittings are offered for specific events.


You can ask the marquee supplier to arrange the set-up of toilets at your event as well. Toilets usually come trailer-mounted, and a marquee can be built around each unit. During the winter months, the marquees can be heated for comfort.


If your event is held during the fall or winter, you can have heat installed according to the size of your event. The marquee supplier can calculate your exact heating needs and distribute the heaters accordingly.


Naturally, you will also need power when you set up a marquee. Therefore, the marquee can be wired per your specifications. The marquee supplier can also arrange to have a generator placed. Sockets can also be set for catering or band equipment needs.

Dance Floors

Dance floors can be provided that feature black and white squares—perfect for formal balls and black-tie events—as well as for dancing under the stars. In this case, the flooring is usually jet black. Parquet floors are furnished for traditional wedding receptions as well as pearl white flooring for stylish and modern events.

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