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Wedding Gown Fabrics and Decorations

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In order to make your wedding dress truly yours on your special day you might want to have a wedding dress custom made for you. This gives you the option of choosing your own fabrics and having a say in the detail such as bead work, netting and ribbons.

With so many different materials and shiny little things to choose from, it is really easy to lose track of what goes where, and end up with something that people need to wear sunglasses to look at.

There are also factors like the time of year and the weather conditions. No one wants to walk down the aisle in the middle of a heat wave swathed from head to toe in chiffon and crepe.

Cost, unfortunately is usually an issue. You might love the softness and texture of a material, but if it is made from the hair shed by Andalusian mountain goats once every 10 years and costs thousands of dollars per square inch it might not be feasible. If cost is really an issue then you might consider buying a relatively simple type of dress and smarting it up with some custom decorations such as bead work and other decorations. Adding details to the dress is therefore very pocket friendly, it allows you to buy a much plainer dress for less and then change it to your liking, making it spectacular!

Decorations can be a lot of fun. Have a look at the decorations and bead work on pictures in expensive wedding magazines – these are a great source of inspiration! If you are having the dress made from scratch ask your dress maker if she can match the decorations and bead work on some of the pictures that you really like. If she really knows what she is doing, she should be able to make you something similar.

There are so many different ways of making your wedding dress memorable. Bead work is currently a hot favourite; a bead work design on the bodice of the dress is both elegant and contemporary. The other advantage of bead work is that it doesn’t take too long to put in, so if you change your mind, your dressmaker can always take it out again with very little effort.

All in all, finding the right decoration for your dress can be a lot of fun. Take your friends along and make a day of it. Do not be afraid to ask questions of the shop assistants, that is what they are there for, besides, everyone wants to help with a wedding. This is your opportunity to really express yourself through your dress and we recommend that you take full advantage of it.

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