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Wedding and More: Your Best Options Right There

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She will organize the entire day and follow up with a timeline every minute. In religious marriage, counseling will make sure grooms and grooms are arranged and arrive at the church on time, arranging the procession to the altar and leaving for the photo and party session. In the party room, you will be in direct contact with the person in charge of the place, ensuring that everything is ready and set up for the arrival of the guests.

She is also responsible for the progress of the party: the beginning of the cocktail, the ambient music, the arrival of the bride and groom, the toast and the waltz, the beginning of the dinner, the opening of the dance floor with the band and DJ, dessert and coffee, the exchange of clothes of the grooms, the delivery of the souvenirs and comfort kits, the exit of the grooms, the closing of the lane and the delivery of the hall. In general, the counselor has a team with some assistants to make everything happen at the right time. With the right Wedding Planner this can be essential.

Care when hiring an advisor for your wedding

The most important time to contact an advisory is to seek references and talk to brides who have worked with the company of your interest. Ask them the pros and cons and the main problems they faced. Never hire an advisor only for the referral site.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Go visit a party where the professional is working. Arrive just before the event starts if you want to see the work of the ceremonial, decoration, confectionery, buffet or event space. If you want to see the work of the DJ, come in the middle of the ball and watch whether the track is lively or if the DJ has a good repertoire of songs and is updated. But remember, be discreet and always ask permission from the party hosts before entering.

Friends, friends. Business aside

If you have a friend who works with social event and offered you the gift service, offer to pay at least the transportation or material expenses that will be used in the day. And even if he makes a point of not charging anything, make a contract specifying the services to be performed on the day.

  • The best of comes right there. When defining Bride’s Day, look for beauty salons that have exclusive space for the bride, and important to have privacy on the day of the wedding. Another very cool option is to close in a hotel and take your makeup artist and team there, because you will feel more comfortable and your photo making off will look more beautiful.

Avoid making the shoe and tie, because your guests already gave you a gift and on the day of the party many people do not take money and are embarrassed by such a joke.

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