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Traditional Kerala Bride Attire Made Classier with These 3 Go for Tips

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With each passing year, trends are changing, and styles are evolving. People too are moving ahead with change and adapting to it more easily than they would have some years ago. Where some changes are still not acceptable in our community, some are welcomes with open arms. We are referring to changes in the weddings in South Indian communities. Keralites have readily accepted new trends and are evolving with it. Weddings in Kerala are breath-taking ceremonial rituals that are undergoing a major face-lift. The venues are changing, destination weddings are being considered and wedding attires are being experimented with.

When you think of a Kerala bride, you imagine of a picture of grace and confidence in a white silk Kanchipuram saree, bejewelled with fine creations and adorning braids with fresh Jasmine flowers. In keeping with the emotion Kerala matrimony is seeing a shift in the way brides dress-up. While they look like an image of a Goddess, they have added a modern twist. There are several ways a Kerala bride can go through a makeover with respect to her attire. Here are some tips that can add class to a traditional Kerala bride’s attire.

  1. Gown Saree Mashup: A bride’s wedding dress should live up to her personality. And since Kerala brides are beautifully bold, yet soft, they could carry off an outfit that’s just as appealing – a gown saree. This latest bridal trend makes a bride look elegant while being more convenient and comfortable to wear and stay in. You also have the added satisfaction of sporting a gown.
  2. Metallic Shades and Statement Hues: Since most of the brides want something unique and stylish nowadays, they can skip the traditional colours of red, pink and maroon. Instead, they can choose from statement colours like royal blues, electric blue or the brightest yellow. It all depends on how confidently you can carry these colours, and trust us, you are going to make a beautiful bride. If you want to experiment more, you can choose from metallic shades in different textures and fabrics. There’s no style that an Indian bride cannot carry, so we are confident this style will make you a stunning one.
  3. Delicate Gold and Diamond Jewellery: We know how important gold jewellery is for a Kerala bride, but for those of you who do not like bulky jewellery you could opt for lighter delicate pieces. You could match a heavy temple neckpiece while keeping other neck chains minimalistic. A wide range of options are available for diamond jewellery as well. You can choose a solitaire ring, diamond earrings or bangles, or go for an intricate diamond set. The contrast of gold and diamond jewellery looks perfect, especially on a bride who’s radiant and perfectly dressed from head to toe.

Whether you choose to dress up trendily or stick to a traditional Kerala matrimonial style, you will always be the most beautiful bride.

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