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How to Add Glamour to Your Next Wedding Event

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Romantic evening weddings have to be the absolutely most beautiful events that any wedding planner gets to organize. Just the romance of the day is enough to inspire the most hardened event planner. But when you add elements of glamour to them, you can move them up a notch and make them truly a memorable event in more ways than one. But how do you do this without moving your budget into astronomical heights as well?

While it is true that many will spend as much as a year’s income on a wedding, not everyone is capable of such extravagance. Looking amazing while keeping the costs down is a fine art that any decent wedding planner should have down to a science. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to add that glamorous touch to your next wedding, read on. We have found some amazing things that we think are just the ticket.

Add Some Sparkle

Everyone loves a wedding that shines, but how about one that sparkles? Since glamour and white go hand in hand, what could be more glamorous then to add sparkles to a wedding to give it that extra bit of glamour! You want to start by using only good crystal at the table and maybe a crystal chandelier or two above.

Crystal accents will give that extra touch and don’t forget some sparkly extras for the wedding table where the cake will be. Finally, you will want to take a close look at https://www.sparklersonline.com/blog/real-sparkler-weddings/wedding-sparkler-writing/ to get some ideas on how to use those specialty giant sparklers at a wedding to give that beautiful and fun final touch. Write their love in the sky with sparkles, give out as favors for the guests to shine around and don’t forget the twenty-sparkler salute when they arrive!

Shower Them with Gold

There is a good reason that kings and queens from all nations have used gold as their symbol of power and wealth. Nothing quite beats it for beauty and nothing will ever beat it for creating a sense of majesty and glamour. But don’t just use ugly fake gold trim when planning, be sure to include some old true gold in the decorations.

Even if it is just a simple thing like a gold tiara for the bride or a golden trinket for each table, you will find that gold will create a sense of power and glamour. Why not borrow from the old golden days of film and decorate the bridal table like it was from the thirties? Take a look at some old silent films from the twenties to get some golden ideas on how to lavish the bride and groom with style.

Moonlight and Moonbeams

Nothing quite brings home the idea of romance like the silver moon. So, take a cue from all those old songs and shine the light of a silver moon on your next wedding plans. It can include creating a silver and navy theme that reflects a moonlit night sky.

Add some twinkling little silver stars and maybe some tiny tea lights for some night glamour. A velvet blue sky, silver moon and shining silver stars are all you really need to say glamour, romance and the sighs of love. It all adds up to a perfectly romantic wedding.

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