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Having A Spectacular Wedding On A Budget

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Any large party that involves food and entertainment will naturally have a large cost associated with it. Weddings are no exception to this rule, where many couples spend, on average, thirty to thirty-five thousand dollars on their special day. Unfortunately, statistics show that the more expensive a wedding costs, then the less likely the marriage will last. The good news is that having a budget wedding does not necessarily mean that it cannot be as special as a more costly option. In this article we will explore different ways to make your wedding day extraordinary without the high cost.

The Venue

Selecting your venue is one of the most important items for your budget. Couples sometimes spend thousands of dollars on their venue alone, especially if the venue is a historical or trendy location that has high rental fees. However, there are venues that could be used for the wedding ceremony and reception that have no to very little costs. Budget conscious couples might want to consider getting married in a public park, beach, or even a large family property. By saving on rental fees, couples can allocate more funds for decorations to make their venue look even better than a wedding hall.

Foreign Weddings

Couples that are not tied to a specific location have the option to get married in a foreign country that is less expensive than their home country. Couples could even elope to a country like Denmark to have a very unique and memorable wedding day. Plus, information on getting married in Denmark for foreigners is available online. Eloping will have the least cost for couples wishing to get married without a huge wedding budget, but this will exclude having their families and loved ones present. For this reason, many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony and reception in a less expensive country, such as Mexico or Columbia. There are many resorts that offer wedding packages that even include private beaches for a fraction of the cost of the United States.

The Entertainment

Selecting the wedding reception entertainment can be difficult. Couples must decide between having a live band or a DJ. Wedding DJs are more budget friendly than live bands, but this does not mean live bands should be excluded from consideration. To save money, couples can search for up-and-coming bands that are looking for more exposure. These bands will charge much less, especially if they are allowed to promote their band at the wedding reception.

The Catering

The cost for catering your wedding reception will come down to primarily the number of guests that are invited. You want to make sure that there is plenty of food available with the proper level of service. Without having to sacrifice on quality or the number of guests, couples can choose to get married on less expensive days of the week. Most experts agree that Sunday weddings are the least expensive day to get married. This can be even more cost effective if the wedding reception is during the day, as lunch options are less expensive than dinner options.

Weddings are typically expensive, but smart couples will be able to have an extra special day without a large budget.

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