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Exclusive Features Of Asian Wedding Cards

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Asians are known for the diversity, charm, and traditionalism. True that! Be it any custom, Asians will never leave any stone unturned. They are always connected to their roots, which can be witnessed through their rituals and traditions. All these aspects can be best acknowledged through an Asian wedding. Primarily, Asians begin the wedding preparation by inviting their relatives, friends, and known people in a stylish way. They create stunning wedding cards with beautiful fonts and verses requesting the guests to honour their presence in the new beginnings of the couple.

The wedding cards of Asian culture are vibrant and colourful, unlike those of the western world which are usually simple. The Asian flavours include a perfect blend of folklore, colours, and style. There are so many varieties that it sometimes becomes puzzling for the couple to pick the right one. The cards are even printed based on the cultural standards of the respective country.

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Essential aspects of Asian wedding cards

  • Floral designs: Pick up any Asian wedding card, and you will notice floral patterns signifying love and affection. For instance, Japanese cards are filled with lotus and orchids. While unique Indian wedding cards will have rose and marigold patterns. And Thai wedding invites will have Tacca flowers all over it. That’s so interesting and attractive that your guests cannot step back from attending your wedding.
  • Wedding cards with symbols: Some of the Asian wedding invitations will have symbols representing deep thoughts. For instance, Indian wedding invitations might have a symbol of Om or Swastik representing prosperity and blessings from the Lord. Chinese cards will have a Dragon which is a symbol or peace and harmony.
  • Calligraphy: There are so many countries in the Asian continent that one can come across plenty of languages. Therefore, calligraphy is used as an interesting concept to write the content of the wedding card. For example, Indian cards will have words in Hindi, Sanskrit, Islamic or other languages. While Japanese and Chinese will have the phrases in their own font and calligraphic style.

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These aspects offer a distinctive factor to all the wedding cards from Asian culture. Some other popular themes include cherry blossom, colours, origami, and bamboo too.

How to get the Asian cards printed?

After the theme selection and features chosen for the Asian cards, it is time to get them printed. To make it easier and convenient for you, there are wedding card service providers available all around the Asian countries. Let them know your theme and your idea of printing the wedding invitations, and they will help you in making the right decision. Printing can be done using different techniques and with unique materials such as fabric, handmade paper, bamboo, flowers, and more. Based on the theme of the wedding, the service providers will help you in sorting out the best for you.

If you have insufficient time then you can seek help from the online wedding card service providers too. They will do everything and finally bring you the desired results.

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