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5 Things to Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them

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The wedding photographer is arguably the most important person (after the newlyweds, of course) for the entire wedding. That might sound dramatic, we know, but think about it: wedding photos allow one to relive one of the most memorable, important moments of your entire adult life. Hiring a photographer for the big day is an important step in the wedding timeline.

Here, we’ve outlined vital questions to ask your potential photographer.

What Is Your Primary Style?

This is perhaps the single most important question to ask. You want to hire someone that has the ability to capture what you’re envisioning in your dreams. Whether you’d like more traditional, posed photos, or unique wedding photos that fit your own unique aesthetic, making sure your style jives with your photographers’ wedding picture ideas is important to figure out before hiring. Knowing what styles your potential wedding photographer specializes in is key to creating a positive working relationship with results you’re happy with.

How Big is Your Team?

And more importantly: how many photographers will be capturing the big day? One photographer might be sufficient for an elopement, sure, or for small weddings under 50 guests, but otherwise you’ll want to find a photographer that works with an assistant. Another important factor: incase of emergency on the photographers end, who is their backup? A sick photographer that has to cancel shouldn’t mean you miss out on the photos you’ve been dreaming of; who they use for backup is an important as the initial photographer. Request to see the backup, and/or assistant’s, portfolio as well.

How Many Weddings Have You Shot?

Asking ‘how many years have you been a wedding photographer?” is not a fair gauge for how much experience your potential photographer has. Afterall, a wedding photographer could do one wedding a year for ten years and still say they have a decade of experience. For a wedding photographer to be a professional in their field, they’ll need a large number of weddings in their portfolio. Aim for a photographer that has shot over 30 weddings.

What is Included in Your package?

Outlining precisely what is included in a photographers package is key. How many photos? Are there books? What is the book quality (and do they have a sample)? How many hours of coverage is included? What is the rate for additional hours? These questions are vital to both parties being happy with the outcome.

How Long Before We See The Photos?

The wait to see your wedding photos is an agonizing one (it can takes months!). Knowing if you’ll get a sneak peak, or perhaps even a precise timeline for when photos will be ready, helps to manage your anticipation and expectations.

Remember, this is an interview process. You’re hiring them. You want to make sure that they meet your expectations–not the other way around–as they are documenting one of the most memorable days of your entire life.

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